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There comes a time in every person's life when they must pass into the loving arms of God. Those of us who remain are left to mourn the passing of those who have gone before us.

When we are baptized, we are brought to a sacred place, a Catholic Church, and baptized into the mystery of Christ’s death and resurrection – thus giving us the promise of eternal life. When one of our loved ones dies, we may take them to the sacred grounds of a Catholic cemetery while they await the resurrection of the dead and the promise of eternal life.

Since death is a natural part of life, it is only fitting that the Catholic Church be present at the time of death. Death, as seen through the eyes of a Christian, is not the end; it is simply a natural passageway to a changed life with God. Burial in a Catholic cemetery is a statement of continued belief in that everlasting life, even in death.

Cemeteries hold the earthly remains of our family members and friends who have shared their love, fellowship and faith with us. Although a grave evokes sadness, a grave in a Catholic cemetery is also a sign of hope in God and His promise of everlasting life.