Grave Decorations

The following rules and regulations for grave decorations are based on diocesan rules and principles of sound management. Your cooperation is asked in abiding by them, so the grounds will be preserved as a respectable and attractive resting place for members of your family and friends.


  • Natural and artificial flowers are permitted in approved containers
  • Flower vases of iron or stone or trellises of wire with hanging baskets may be placed on burial lots, provided the vases and trellises are movable


  • NO glass containers for safety reasons
  • NO alteration of grades of lots by lot-owners shall be permitted
  • NO footstones allowed
  • Lot-owners are not permitted to entirely remove the sod from the tops of the graves
  • Lot-owners are not permitted to plant trees, shrubbery, or vines of any kind
  • No fences, hedges, posts, or enclosures of any kind are permitted around lots

General Clean-up

     All decorations will be removed and disposed of at the times listed below. If you wish to save your decorations, please remove them before the beginning of each general clean up. Please do not place any decorations during these dates: 

     Spring - Last Full Week of March
     Fall - Last Full Week of September