There comes a time in every person's life when they must pass into the loving arms of God. Those of us who remain are left to mourn the passing of those who have gone before us.


When a death occurs, one of the Bereavement Team members makes a visit to the local funeral homes, letting the bereaved know that they have support and prayers of their St. Michael the Archangel Parish family.  The Bereavement Ministry conducts the casket closing service at the funeral home before the body is transferred to the Church.  When death occurs outside the Parish boundaries, contact is made with the local relative of the deceased.


Sometime later, when the activity that the funeral creates has ceased, and the bereaved may be alone, the ministry sends a note and booklet.  A member of the Bereavement Ministry Team maintains contact with the family member of the deceased for one year.  An annual “Mass of Remembrance” occurs in January for families who have lost a loved one the previous year.  This Mass provides the opportunity for families to come together to continue the healing process.  The Mass is followed by a breakfast.


Cemeteries hold the earthly remains of our family members and friends who have shared their love, fellowship and faith with us. Although a grave evokes sadness, a grave in a Catholic cemetery is also a sign of hope in God and His promise of everlasting life.


Cemetery improvement donations will assist in making sure that our Cemetery is properly cared for into the future. Any Donations, Memorials or Bequests to St. Michael the Archangel Parish Cemetery Improvement Fund will assist with the continued development of the Cemetery and are greatly appreciated. If you would like to donate, please print the form below and place in the collection basket or return to the Parish Office.


Questions or comments may be directed to:


St. Michael the Archangel Parish Catholic Cemetery is located in the northeast corner of the I-75 and SR 12 (West Main Cross Street) interchange in Findlay, Ohio. The entrance to the Catholic Cemetery is at the end of Durrell Street (highlighted in bright green) off of West Main Cross Street. Also indicated by a pink block is the Downtown St. Michael Church.


We would like to encourage pre-arrangement of cemetery needs. Similar to preparing a will, it is a wise, compassionate and responsible act. There are many advantages to pre-arrangement:

  • Relieve your family of difficult decisions in the midst of their grief
  • Decisions are your own
  • Current price protects you from future price increases
  • No financial burden when there is sudden loss
  • Loved ones will not have to worry about payments
  • Greater choice of grave sites
  • More space now for those interested in large family grave sites
  • Peace of mind for all
  • Eliminates questions such as, “What would our loved one have chosen?"


Cemetery pre-arrangements are handled through the church via the Board of Managers


Funeral home pre-arrangements can be handled at the funeral home of your choice.


Cemetery stones are available for purchase at many locations and visiting their showrooms and websites can be very helpful. Sometimes walking through cemeteries and looking at other stones for ideas is the best way to design your own memorial.

205 West Sandusky Street

Findlay, OH


National Memorial Stone Company

1121 West Main Cross Street

Findlay, OH


201 East First Street

Delphos, OH



Local Authorized Delphos Granite Works Dealer

701 Van Buren Street

Fostoria, OH



What is a columbarium? A columbarium is a structure that is used to house the cremated remains of individuals. The cremated remains are placed into a niche within the columbarium. The columbarium at St. Michael Cemetery has 124 niches.


The columbarium has been installed to prolong the life of the cemetery. The long range plans are to install additional columbariums when additional niches are required.


Cremation has been permitted by the Catholic Church since 1963. Scattering cremated remains on the ground, on the sea, or keeping cremated remains in the home of a relative or friend of the deceased are not the reverent disposition that the Catholic Church requires. Burial in a columbarium or in a family grave in a cemetery is the approved method for final disposition of the cremated remains.


A significant donation from the Estate of Mary Jo Urschalitz made it possible for the installation of the columbarium.



If you are interested in purchasing a niche or learning more about the columbarium, please call:


The Human Life Committee understands that for varied reasons not every miscarried infant has received a burial, and because of this, offers families who have experienced a pregnancy loss the opportunity to honor their lost infant. In order to allow families some measure of closure, a monument engraved “In Memory Of Babies Born Into Heaven” has been erected in St. Michael’s Cemetery next to the existing Memorial for the Unborn. This memorial is for any family who has suffered a pregnancy loss – no matter at what stage or how long ago it occurred. Since most miscarriages occur very early in the pregnancy the baby’s gender is usually unknown. Sometimes the family has a “feeling” about whether the baby was a boy or a girl, and they would have the name selected and engraved based on that intuition. If a name was never selected, families may want to consider a combination of saint names for the baby, such as Catherine Joseph Jones or Thomas Therese Smith. Anyone wishing to have their baby’s name engraved on the monument should complete the included form and return it to the Parish Office, along with a check payable to St. Michael Parish. Names submitted for engraving will be sent to the engraver on the 2nd Friday of each month. It may take up to 2 weeks for the engraver to add the name to the monument. In addition, we would like to inform parishioners of free services available to Hancock County residents, so that all miscarried infants – no matter how early they are lost during the pregnancy – and stillborn infants will receive a proper burial.



Miscarriages and stillbirths frequently occur when there are no assets available to pay for funeral or burial expenses. Coldren-Crates Funeral Homes and Knollcrest Cemetery recognize that the survivors have the same needs as those who experience any other death. For this reason, they offer Hancock County residents a free service to honor a family’s miscarried or stillborn infant. The complete policy is on file at the Parish Office; the combined Coldren-Crates and Knollcrest service offering includes:

  • Local Removal of Remains – BE SURE to notify your physician after a miscarriage that you would like Coldren-Crates contacted so that they hold the remains for burial. If the loss occurs at home, call Coldren-Crates and they will take care of it directly at the home.
  • Contacting the priests at St. Michael’s
  • Preparation of the Remains
  • Supervision of a Licensed Funeral Director
  • One hour visitation, prior to the service at the Cemetery Chapel (for stillbirths only)
  • Transportation of Remains to the cemetery/crematory
  • All necessary Legal Permits (as required by law)
  • Burial or cremation container
  • Burial site at Knollcrest Cemetery or cremation at Knollcrest Crematorium



We would like to extend a special Thank You to the following people for making this offering possible:


  • Msgr. Mike, for approving the monument project
  • Jack Crates, for all of his help and for putting the monument financially within our means
  • Joe Streacker, for his help with footer excavation
  • Tony Humphrey, for donating his time to pour the footer
  • Fr. Nicholas Weibl of St. Wendelin Parish, for his input and experience
  • Marv Stechschulte and Mike Schroeder, who coordinated the efforts at the St. Michael’s cemetery




Marvin Stechschulte



Joe Streacker

Vice President


John Demuth



Eugene Meyer

Asst. Superintendent


David Seman



Dale Hill



Brian Logsdon



Jeremy Strapp



Mike Schroeder




The Bereavement Ministry is a quiet ministry here in our parish.  Team members assist grieving families by offering closing prayers at the funeral homes just prior to the body being transported to the church for the Mass.  We also send cards, literature and maintain contact for one year after the death of a loved one.


Meetings are held from 7:00-8:00pm on the fourth Monday in January, March, May, August and October, and on the first Monday in December in the Teachers’ Lounge.


For further information call Mel Householder at 419-423-9357.


There are many resources and services available to parents who have experienced the loss of a child. In addition to the parish Bereavement Ministry, here are several services highlighted in the American Life League’s Celebrate Life publication (Jan/Feb 2012) and The Word Among Us (July/August 2012):





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