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The Liturgy Blog

Liturgy Corner September 5 2021: The Antiphons

Posted by Peter Grodi on 10/21/21

You have probably noticed that we have been singing the Entrance and Communion Antiphons at each Mass (that phrase that the cantor sings before the Entrance hymn and the Communion hymn.) You may be wondering why. Answer is simple: it is the way that we are instructed to do ... Read More »

Liturgy Corner August 29th 2021: Baptismal Font

Posted by Peter Grodi on 10/21/21

After a long absence, the water in the Baptismal font has returned (yay!). This may seem like a relatively insignificant thing. In the grand scheme of things, it may be. But it is not insignificant. This event seems like a perfect time to refresh everybody on the Sacramental and ... Read More »

Liturgy Corner August 22 2021: Incense in the Mass

Posted by Peter Grodi on 8/20/21

Last weekend, we celebrated a great solemnity: The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. There is a principle called ‘Progressive Solemnity’ which essentially means that the more important a liturgical celebration, the more we should take care to make it especially solemn. And so, I took the opportunity to ... Read More »

Liturgy Corner August 15 2021: Fasting Before Holy Communion

Posted by Peter Grodi on 8/20/21

Fasting before receiving communion is one of those topics that everyone should know about, but there are always a few people who don't.

The first thing to note is that this rule is not a joke or a simple recommendation. It is stated in Canon Law, “One who is ... Read More »

Liturgy Corner August 8: Receiving Communion- The Mechanics

Posted by Peter Grodi on 8/20/21

Each of us, before our first communion, received instructions for how to receive communion. As time goes on and this training drops further from memory and practice, we often develop our own idiosyncrasies (most of the time, unintentionally) in our methods of receiving Jesus. Much of the time, these ... Read More »

Liturgy Corner August 1 2021 : Who Should or Shouldn't receive the Eucharist?

Posted by Peter Grodi on 8/20/21

Beginning last weekend, the Church’s lectionary (the cycle of readings that we have at Mass) gives us four straight weeks of readings from chapter 6 of the gospel of John. This chapter, as you have hopefully already seen, is the all-important telling of the events leading up to and ... Read More »

Servers and Extraordinary Ministers of Eucharistic Communion - Bulletin Article January 31, 2021

Posted by Peter Grodi on 7/22/21

On February 2nd we celebrate the Feast of the Presentation of the Lord.  This feast is also known as “Candlemas”. We will bless candles at the morning Mass that day for both liturgical and home use.  If you would like your candles blessed, please bring them to the 6:45 ... Read More »

Liturgy Corner July 25, 2021: Is Eating the Body of Christ the Only Reason to be at Mass?

Posted by Peter Grodi on 7/22/21

A couple of weeks ago, a truly unfortunate occurrence happened. We ran out of the Eucharist at a weekend Mass. Even though I realized we were running short and began snapping the hosts in half and then into quarters, a few people still had to walk away without having ... Read More »

Liturgy Corner July 18, 2021: Intro Part 2 A Venue for Communication and Active Participation

Posted by Peter Grodi on 7/22/21

Thank you for deciding to take a second look at the Liturgy Corner (or maybe a first.) This week, I would like to discuss a few more reasons why I think that this consistent addition to the bulletin is important for all of us.

One of the things we ... Read More »

Bells Crucifix and Chalice Veil - Fr. Adam Bulletin Article 1/17/21

Posted by Peter Grodi on 7/12/21

Last week I mentioned that my approach to the Sacred Liturgy is traditional.  This does not mean I am “retro” or “pre-Vatican Two” (although I do, on occasion, celebrate Mass in the ancient form).  I am thoroughly a “child of Vatican Two”, formed deeply in both the conciliar and ... Read More »


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