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Communication Request Form (CRF)

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND that various factors may prevent your request from being fulfilled in the manner desired. All announcements are subject to editing.

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Saint Michael the Archangel Parish Communication and Promotion Policy

This policy regulates communication and promotional requests within our parish.  Requests must be made by means of our Communication Request Form (hereafter referred to as the CRF).  This policy ensures proper coordination of all communication within the parish (the parish school has additional procedures).  The CRF is to be submitted to the parish office or relevant parish staff person to review, approve or decline, edit, and coordinate. All communication and promotion must be in line with Church teaching. (NOTE: The CRF form can be filled out at the top of this webpage). 

Mass Announcements

The purpose of the Sacred Liturgy is to worship God and be nourished in the Holy Eucharist. The rubrics provide that brief announcements may be made after the Prayer after Communion.  Such announcements are to be kept to a minimum.

  • Announcements are limited to events occurring in the parish narthex, activity center, auditorium, or Knights of Columbus Hall the weekend of the announcement.
  • Requests for Mass announcements must be submitted no later than noon the Friday prior to the weekend desired using the CRF.
  • Mass announcements are to be kept to one or two short sentences. An example is: Please support the Human Life Committee by purchasing a carnation in the Narthex today.
  • Circumstances may occur that prohibit making the announcement.

Bulletin Announcements, Parish Facebook Page, Parish Points

  • The Parish Bulletin is the primary way the parish communicates general information to its members. Please see the attached “Procedures for Submitting Information for the Parish Bulletin”.
  • Parish Facebook Page and Parish Points announcements may be submitted any time by submitting a CRF to the parish office or relevant staff member.

Host Table Requests for the Narthex

A request to use a table in the Narthex by a parish group must be made at least two weeks before the desired weekend using a CRF. The additional lead-time is needed to determine if space and tables will be available on the weekend requested.

“Infomercial” Style Announcements at Mass

These rare announcements are of a longer nature, when a more personal appeal or explanation is necessary. They consist of a representative from the group coming forward to make the announcement.

  • Infomercials are to be rarely employed and require additional coordination.
  • A request for an infomercial is first made to the appropriate parish staff representative for review and approval using the CRF. The pastor must give final approval.
  • The talk must be prepared in writing and submitted with the CRF. It shall be no more than two minutes in length. An infomercial request must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the desired weekend.
  • A list of people making the announcement for each of the weekend Masses must be submitted to the staff representative by the Wednesday before the announcement date.
  • Infomercials will be done after the Prayer after Communion and after all other announcements. Occasionally, they may occur before Mass starts.

Bulletin Inserts

Bulletin inserts are to be used sparingly and require the pastor's approval at least two weeks prior to the desired weekend bulletin. A sample of the exact bulletin insert must be submitted along with the CRF to the parish office or staff representative. In order to be good stewards of our resources, inserts are to be used rarely, especially when a bulletin announcement would suffice.

Requests to Post Materials on Parish Bulletin Boards or Tables

  • Information for the bulletin board/tables must receive prior staff approval. The Director of Religious Education coordinates the display of the items and when items will be removed. Due to limited space, not all materials can be placed.
  • Unapproved information placed on the bulletin board/tables will be removed.
  • No materials are to be posted on church doors, walls or windows.
  • Distribution of political materials is restricted in accord with USCCB guidelines (listed on the USCCB website).

Outdoor Signage

Outdoor signage requires special review through the staff representative. Final permission also must be sought from the Chief of Staff and pastor. Therefore, requests for outdoor signage must be well planned and discussed in advance of any decisions to proceed. 

UPDATED 5/20/2022



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