Adult Formation


SMACP recognizes that our Catholic Faith is a priceless treasure that is worthy of our time and study, as well as a treasure to be shared and passed on to others.  Christ called the apostles, and us, "to make disciples" of all nations.  In order to make disciples, we must first be disciples.  As the Cathechism states "you cannot live your faith if you do not know it, and you cannot share with others what you do not first make your own."

BIBLE STUDY - Opportunities for any parishioner and community member to study selected books of the Bible.

THEOLOGICAL STUDIES - Opportunities to study Church doctrine.

FORMED - An exciting gateway to some of the best Catholic study programs, videos, books and audio talks to deepen your relationship with Jesus Christ and His Church.  Accessible on most smart phones, tablets and computers.  Available 24/7.  Study when it is convenient for you!  Look up our Parish to register!

MEN'S EVENING OF REFLECTION - All men are invited to slow down the pace and join together for faith and fellowship.  This evening of renewal is held the last Wednesday of October at 7:00 P.M.  A wonderful opportunity to build your relationship with God and each other.

ADVENT BY CANDLELIGHTWOMEN'S EVENING OF REFLECTION - Join the women of the parish for an evening of community, prayer and reflection as we nourish and strengthen our relationship with God and each other.  ABC is held the 2nd Sunday of Advent at 4:00 P.M.

PARISH MISSION - This three-four-day event is an opportunity for spiritual renewal for the entire parish.  People are invited to take time for the truly important things like wonder, mystery and prayer.  People are reconciled.  Faith is awakened.  Vocations are discovered.  Lives are changed.  The parish discovers anew its ultimate calling and meaning.

Fall Study Opportunities

Bible Study - Open to All!






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          "Jesus: the Way, the Truth and the Life"









Discover more about the Mass - Open to All!






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           "The Mass"







Find answers to the big questions!  






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             "The Search"








Are you a baptized, well-catechized adult who is now interested in coming into full-communion with the Catholic Church?  Then this may be for you!




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