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Newman Club is the Catholic Organization at the University of Findlay whose purpose is to provide opportunities to gather for meetings and events that build community and continued formation in living the gospel message. Newman Club is a recognized organization on campus that is funded by UF and the Toledo Diocese, formed by Catholic students and advisors at UF, and open to all students attending UF that live on or off campus. Newman Club plans and leads social events that are fun and meaningful, offers service opportunities on campus and in the community, and encourages spiritual formation and growth through prayer, ministry roles and retreats.

Meetings are held every Monday at 8:30PM. Newman Club members organize rides for Sunday liturgies and many campus events as well.

For more information contact,

Richard Hopkins

Fr. Peter Grodi


Frassati ministries is currently inactive due to the coronavirus. However, look for it to reignite this summer or the beginning of the fall. 

Join our group on Facebook, Findlay Frassati, to learn more about upcoming events!

or contact Fr. Peter Grodi