Community Building

St. Michael's is a big Parish. Oftentimes, it is easy to feel lost in a crowd of people you do not know. This happens especially a lot for new parishioners from out of town or new converts to the faith. It is important that within the parish, everyone developed a community of support in which they can build their faith and find help for all their needs. We encourage you to reach out to people on Sunday, to be bold, and to meet other members of the body of Christ. But we also seek to aid in bringing parishioners together and encouraging new relationships. 

Here, you will find opportunities to begin building community for yourself and your family, and a way to help others build community as well. 

There are many ways and opportunities to build community here at the parish. Many of these ways are listed under other menu titles on our website (see, for example, our adult faith formation groups and our prayer ministries.) The events and initiatives listed on this page are simply the ones that do not fit into other categories, as they are purely about community building.