Ministry to the Infirm

Hospital Eucharistic Ministers

The Priests and members of the Hospital Communion Ministry visit parishioners who are hospitalized.  The Hospital Communion Ministry takes Communion to hospitalized parishioners every day of the week, except for Saturday. Because of current government privacy regulations, the hospital can contact the parish only if the patient or family gives permission.  To ensure that parishioners are visited when hospitalized it is important to let the hospital know your faith, and the desire to receive Communion while hospitalized.  Patients or family members are always welcome to call the Parish Office at 419.422.2646 to inform the staff of a hospital visit and make a request for a visit 



Nursing Home and Homebound Ministries

For those in our parish family who are unable to join us for Mass on Sunday due to illness or an accident, we have a committed group of volunteers who will bring the Eucharist to them.
To ensure that parishioners are visited when in a nursing home, even if in the nursing home for rehabilitation services, it's helpful if a family member would notify the Parish Office.
For those parishioners who are homebound, visits can be scheduled at the convenience of the person being visited.
To sign-up to receive the Eucharist, or if you are interested in volunteering for this ministry, please contact the Parish Office at 419.422.2646